Lad 'n Lassie Christian Montessori School

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"Thank you for being so understanding and kind to me. I'm so thankful to have a teacher like you. You've been such a good inspiration and Godly woman to all of us Teacher Cadets. You've taught us so much in so little time! Thank you for everything!" 

~Jada (Teacher Cadet)

"Every day we thank God that Lily is able to atten a school like yours. This past year Lily has learned so much and it is all thanks to you and your staff! You have been a blessing to us and we could never thank you enough for all you have one for Lily." 

~The Womacks

March 2016

"I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful school! I'm not saying this to be polite, but I'm saying it from my heart; Lad 'N Lassie is and will be one of THE BEST schools Mona-Claire has been to and will attend. Every morning when I dropped her off, I felt as though I was taking her to her grandma's home where she learns and plays the way the Lord wanted and intended His children to learn and play.... All the children who walks into your sweet home are truly blessed. And we're very grateful that the Lord brought you and Lad 'N Lassie Christian Montessori School to our family." 

~Melanie Hayes


"The website looks great. The pictures bring back memories of years ago when our children were there. Those are special memories." 

~Glenda West

"I have such wonderful memories of attending your Christian Montessori school! I loved my teachers, learning was made fun, and the positive reinforcement of biblical principles that I received has been a lifelong blessing."

 ~Linda Brinkley Masurk

"It’s me, Cheryl Thompson, from Anderson, S.C. So GLAD to hear you’re opening a new school! You really have an AMAZING ability to motivate and inspire teachers to go the extra mile in working to develop the skills needed for academics in students.

 I especially remember you having such a heart for students that struggle and come from disadvantaged circumstances. You always BELIEVED in the students, and led, by example, teachers to have compassion and understanding when working with these students in their class.

I especially liked the workshops you periodically directed/taught. They were always very informative and were a catalyst in inspiring us to be multi-faceted in teaching the diverse students in our class."

~Robyn Cheryl Thompson

Special Education Teacher

T.L. Hanna High School

"This is where Wyatt will attend school next year. I'm so excited. I've been praying for something for him. I’ve had it with the old place. Others started late. This place, opens up. It's near my job and I know Dr Celeste Spence will take great care of my boy. She was a wonderful lady to work with and now she's starting her own school." 

~Frances Spradley

"Teaching children in the Montessori environment was most rewarding. Each child was able to achieve his best with this individualized approach to working with the child. At the ages of three and four, most students were reading, counting to 100, adding numbers, learning concepts of less than, greater than, place value and more! They learned about the world with land form, continents, people and cultures. Taking walks and learning about nature was exciting to the child. They learned the names of plants, trees and animals. The children loved working in the garden!
Being a Christian school, the children learned Bible verses and how to be more like Jesus. Morals and character traits are developed at a young age. Waiting until a person is in his or her teens maybe too late.
This program is the best possible way to invest in the young child. Many of my former students have thanked me for their early years of learning in the Montessori school. They have become doctors, lawyers, engineers, and attained the highest level of skills in the technical, construction and business world.
Invest in your child today, with enrolling in Lad’ N Lassie Montessori School. Dr. Spence and Ms. Wilson are dedicated and talented teachers!
I highly recommend this program."
~Nita Zachow
Former Montessori teacher and owner of Walden Hall South and Petersburg

"Hi Mrs. Spence, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoyed going to Walden Hall. Going there let me experience things that I would have normally missed out on. While I was there I learned how to swim and I had a chance to work with computers hands on for the first time! I'm letting you know that you made a difference in my life. So here's a well deserved 'Thank You'." 

~Felix Key

"Most children ask adults to read their favorite storybooks to them on a regular basis. A Montessori trained child will ask an adult if THEY can read one of their many favorite storybooks to them. If I had not seen this activity repeatedly occur I would not have believed it myself. A child's brain is like a sponge. Fill it with the knowledge and ability to think for themselves and you will have a bright, well adjusted, thoughtful and considerate child. The Montessori method is key to children's positive success in life!" 

~Kim Parsons

“Celeste, Anything where you are involved with children will be a blessing. Wish mine were there.”   

~Karen Hensley Etterle 


“Incredible environment and equipment. State of the art it! Small environment that gives a HUGE educational bang to ANY young child.“

~Anna-Lori Kitchens
"Great system of learning. As a psychologist I support it totally."

~Joe Holt Ph D

"Hello! I spoke with you yesterday about enrolling my daughter into your school and after talking to my husband we think it's best to wait til next year when she will actually be 3. Is there anyway I could be put on a list for next year? Thank you for your time! I am very excited to see this school in our area!" 

Dr. Spence's answer: "Yes, just compete the registration form on the web and send the registration fee to the school. Be sure to write 2015-16 at the top."
"This morning Dr. Celeste Spence of Lad 'n Lassie Christian Montessori School spent an hour and a half of her time sharing her new school with me. I am excited for children in our area to have Montessori available again!! My children attended Walden Hall Christian Montessori School which Celeste directed many years ago, and they received a very strong basis educationally and spiritually. Lad 'n  Lassie is the perfect opportunity for young folks 3 to 6 years old. After school care (with Montessori practice) is also available.   I'm very much looking forward to some of my Teacher Cadets interning in a certified Montessori school!"

~Nancy Cowart 
(Edgefield County Teacher of the Year)
"I asked our son why he loved his new school. He said, "Because of all the new toys I get to play with. And the teachers are nice. And they are helpful. And because they love God." That is why we love it too!" 

~Jean Norris 
September 2016
"We just LOVE Lad 'n Lassie! Mirabai has already learned so much and she has only been there for two months! <3 Dr. Spence and the other teachers are great! If you are looking for the best school/child care, this is the place to go! Xoxo"

~Sarah Sater 
May 2016
"We love Lad 'n Lassie Christian Montessori School!! Our son has been going for 6 months, and has learned so much!"
~Sadie and Frank Mishoe 
September 2016
"Every day, Noah looks over there and gets so excited about the "new possibilities" to come once this new playground equipment is installed. Exciting times at Lad 'n Lassie Christian Montessori School. THANK YOU for all you do!"
~Cindy Wilson 
October 12, 2016
"Our children are so blessed that Dr. Celeste Spence opened Lad 'n Lassie Christian Montessori School. I am so happy my granddaughter, Bella is able to be part of this wonderful program!" 

~Wanda Herlong Anderson 
October 11, 2016
"Lad n' Lassie students are amazing!!! This reminds me of a couple months ago Andrew and I were in the NA post office. He sounded out and read "packages" on a poster on their wall. The lady behind us was astonished at my 3 year- old! I was so proud but not without giving credit! I said he learns this at Lad n' Lassie Christian Montessori school, all of the kids there do this!" 

~Melissa McGuire 

"Oh my, Celeste, what a "God thing" to see this post! after talking to Becky Scupin recently, I randomly decided to ride down your street TODAY & saw your Lad & Lassie Montessori school sign! Lots of great memories of teaching for you at Walden Hall came flooding back. I would love to come "observe" some time if you would let me; (observation being such an important aspect of Dr. Montessori's theory). I am so happy that you are still teaching children and sharing God's love with them." 

~Ille Waters 


"Miss Madeline was providing some advertising for your school while we were at the psychologist office for John's reading/speech tutor session. Madeline usually brings her school folder into the waiting room & she does this before she plays with the toys there. She flips through her folder - saying her colors, shapes & sounding out letters 'M,' 'C,' 'R,' etc. The other families in the waiting room are blown away by this & ask for her age then quickly want to know what school she goes to. Who knew? Miss Madeline is providing advertising for Lad 'n Lassie! Love the comments from our wonderful parents!"

~Amy Gambon Helmick October 2016

"Our world is much brighter thanks to you and your school! Thank you for the kind of women and taechers that you are, and thank you for being the kind of school with the principles that Lad 'n Lassie has! Your ripple effect goes past the children, to their families, and throughout our community - as our family can attest! We are so very grateful."

~The McGuires